Keynorth Contractors

Specialising in horizontal directional drilling for all underground services.

Keynorth Contractors

Specialising in all trenching and horizontal boring services

Keynorth Contractors

For all Horizontal Directional Drilling, underground services, trenching, pipe and cable laying to the Civil & Mining Industry.

Keynorth began operations in 1995 and as a result of customer support the company has grown in size, diversity and technical sophistication. We have a proven track record, a strong customer focus and a commitment to demonstrating continuous improvement in operational performance and value for money.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling,

Horizontal Directional Drilling is the drilling and pushing of a pilot bore along a pre-established course which is tracked to ensure precise direction, making use of a digital tracker. At the same time, water is pumped into the rods to lube, as well as cool down the drill head. This enables the slurry to be returned to the start location.

As soon as the bore has reached its destination, the pilot bore will then be opened to a dimension that will allow the pipes to be installed. This is done using a back reamer which is rotated as well as pulled back to the machine whilst pumping more water. When the bore has been reamed to the preferred dimension the reamer is pressed back to allow the product pipeline to be connected and drawn through.

Keynorth Contractors have had comprehensive experience installing various kinds of pipelines and channel, consisting of single and multiple Electric and also Communications Conduits, Poly and Steel Gas Mains, Copper and even PVC water and sewage system pipelines and additionally stormwater.

Keynorth Contractors specialise is All Surface Work, including Rural and also Remote locations. We can utilize our machinery in Paddocks as well as Boggy locations where it is inaccessible to other equipment and vehicles. We have Rock Breaking tools to manage any type of terrain including Limestone, Hard Rock as well as Granite. Contact us here.

Horizontal Directional Drilling,

directional drilling

Keynorth Contractors - Trenchless Technology

trenchless technology

 Perth Directional Drilling Contractors

horizontal boring

Keynorth | Horizontal Directional Drilling | Perth WA

trenching & excavation

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Recent Projects 

Keynorth Contractors - Trenchless Technology

Drilling under Alcoa Haul Roads

Keynorth Contractors drilled and installed 315mm water pipes under Alcoa haul roads.

Perth Directional Drilling Contractors

Drilling under Broome Airport Runway

Drilled and installed 210m of 110mm electrical conduit under the Broome Airport.

Keynorth | Horizontal Directional Drilling | Perth WA

Installing Steel High Pressure Gas Main

Dampier to Bunbury natural gas line. Completed drill shots and Installed gas mains.


“The whole team is great! Excellent management and commitment to the project”

Norm O’Brien

“I highly recommend Keynorth Contractors. Everything was well organised from the start and the project was completed in a timely manner”

Alan Perkins

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Environmental Statement

Keynorth Contractors is committed to environmental management that protects and preserves the environment. Work is designed to minimize the impact on site and includes restoration at the completion of the job.


Keynorth Contractors is committed to maintaining and providing a safe and healthy working environment. To this end we hold regular courses for employees on Health and Safety matters.


Keynorth Contractors has had an unblemished ten year association with WestNet Gas (formally Alinta Gas) and other clients include Underground Services Australia, Hamersley Iron, Total Eden and Harvey Water.
Keynorth | Horizontal Directional Drilling | Perth WA

Horizontal Directional Drilling
Trenchless Technology


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Keynorth | Horizontal Directional Drilling | Perth WA

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