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Keynorth Contractors – Horizontal Directional Drilling WA

Keynorth Contractors specialises in the installation of gas and electrical infrastructure, water and waste water piping, and telecommunications lines. We provide complete solutions for utility construction projects. Our services include directional drilling, trenching, deep excavation, utility location, pit installation, pump station installations, reinstatement and equipment hire.

Keynorth Contractors specialise is All Terrain Drilling including Rural and Remote areas. We can use our equipment in Paddocks and Boggy areas where it is inaccessible to trucks. We have Rock Breaking equipment to handle any terrain including Limestone, Hard Rock and Granite. 

Keynorth Contractors has completed cost-effective projects all across Western Australia with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.

We can handle large and small jobs and our commitment to safety and the environment is foremost in all aspects of the construction process.

Directional Drilling

Keynorth Contractors has extensive experience installing all types of pipes and conduit. 

Directional Drilling

Including single and multiple Electrical and Communications Conduits, Poly and Steel Gas Mains, Poly, Copper and PVC water and sewer pipes and also stormwater.

Keynorth Contractors use a wide range of tools including efficient, computerised drill heads to improve accuracy, saving money and reducing downtime.


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No matter what the work is, huge or small, we are committed to securely giving the highest levels of quality across all elements of building projects.


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Highly committed to ensuring that we minimise any risk to personal injury, ill-health or damage to property.


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Keynorth Contractors continually improve our efficiency and service to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is used to set up underground solutions with minimal excavation and disturbance to existing infrastructure as well as the environment. 

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless Technology can usually be completed faster and much more cost-effective than using open trenching.

Keynorth Contractors have considerable experience using Trenchless Technology services in Perth and WA.

Utilizing a variety of tools consisting of our sophisticated, computerised drill head which increases bore efficiency, reducing downtime and saving you money.


Save Money

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Trenchless Technology is cost-effective with minimal excavation and disturbance to the existing environment and infrastructure.

Save Time

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Trenchless Technology is faster than traditional methods of trenching, The job can usually be completed in half the time. 

Environmentally Safe

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We effectively use trenchless technology to minimise the need to remove contaminated material from sites and protect the environment.

Horizontal Boring

Keynorth Contractors take satisfaction in the precision of our horizontal boring services. Achieving a high degree of accuracy adds to our efficiency and also allows work to be finished within time and budget estimates.

Horizontal Boring

 We use Horizontal Boring to set up underground solutions with very little excavation and disruption to the existing framework and setting.

Works using this approach can usually be finished quicker and is also a lot more cost-efficient than utilizing open trenching. Keynorth Contractors are experts in Horizontal Boring.

Cost Effective

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More cost-effective than using traditional open trenching 

Long Distances

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The bore can travel long distances with multi-pipe installations achieving cost-effective solutions.

Minimal Impact

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Minimum environmental impact. Environment and Safety are our primary consideration.

Trenching & Excavation

All work undertaken by Keynorth Contractors is to Australian Standards and military specifications.

Trenching & Excavation

Keynorth Contractors have a range of excavators, compaction equipment, services locators and more to work in All Terrains including Limestone Hard Rock and Granite. Rural Remote and High Traffic areas.

Keynorth Contractors has had a long association with major companies including Downer, WestNet Gas, Underground Services Australia, Hamersley Iron, Total Eden and Harvey Water.

We have the capacity to undertake large and small jobs. Including major civil works and all types of underground services – trenching, boring, pit and conduit installation, cable hauling, non-destructive drilling, excavation and bed boring.

Safety First

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Keynorth Contractions complete the work correctly with a big focus on providing safe work conditions at all times.

Environmentally Friendly

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Environment and Safety are our primary consideration. Our work is designed to have minimum environmental impact.

Huge Capability

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Excavators and compaction equipment, services locators and diggers to trench any ground conditions including sand, rock and high traffic areas.

Environmental Statement

Keynorth Contractors is committed to environmental management that protects and preserves the environment. Work is designed to minimize the impact on site and includes restoration at the completion of the job.



Keynorth Contractors is committed to maintaining and providing a safe and healthy working environment. To this end we hold regular courses for employees on Health and Safety matters.


Keynorth Contractors has had an unblemished ten year association with WestNet Gas (formally Alinta Gas) and other clients include Underground Services Australia, Hamersley Iron, Total Eden and Harvey Water.

Directional Drilling Specialists

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